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Midnight Murder Mysteries

Midnight Murder Mysteries

Multifaces Editions

Midnight Murder Mysteries is a story-based competitive detective game.
Aboard a cruise ship, reconstruct the circumstances of a suspicious death. Interrogate 12 suspects about 3 topics and explore 24 locations.
Who among you will prove to be the finest sleuth?
Plenty of scenarios for many nights of investigation!

Ulaya Chronicles: Solo and Coop Wargaming

Ulaya Chronicles: Solo and Coop Wargaming

Olmec Games

Ulaya Chronicles is an Adventure Campaign Wargame for 1-4 players set in the
tropical, post-apocalyptic world of The Drowned Earth.
You and a group of friends find yourselves shipwrecked on an island full of
pirates and dinosaurs, and must learn to survive! Over the campaign you will
search for a way off the Island, fight (or maybe befriend!) A.I. controlled
dinosaurs and pirates, and discover the mystery of Raptor Claw Island!

The Gorgon's Loch

The Gorgon's Loch

Fantastic Books Gaming

The Gorgon's Loch - The first game from Fantastic Books Gaming.

It's a fun, quick-start, easy-to-play, hard-to-master, introductory level fantasy dungeon crawler.

It uses the STORM gaming system, a simple, D6-based system that allows players to; GIVE, TAKE, USE, FIGHT, SEARCH and MOVE themselves around a magical dungeon.

The game introduces novice players to cards, magic, combat, movement, trading and board game strategy.

Save your souls, defeat the Gorgon Queen!

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