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Recent Articles


Limited components (Topic Discussion)

I have previously written about small box games in my article “Compressed collections” which can create a lot of gameplay with only a few components. However, even larger box, or big box, games are sometimes very inventive when it comes to using components in a clever way to create more gameplay and possibilities than would otherwise be possible

Mage Hand Press’ blasts off with D&D in space and the Dark Matter Starter Set

Mage Hand Press has a success on their hands with the Starter Set for their D&D in space game Dark Matter.

Geek Native had the small team in the RPG Publisher Spotlight of December 2019 and asked them how their first Kickstarter went. That was the Kickstarter for Dark Matter which raised $40,815. They said that project had gone “Surprisingly well!”.

Brainwaves 54 – Golden Trophies

Excavating Iain Chantler out from underneath a huge pile of news the team are reunited and set about the latest developments in Tabletop gaming with enthusiasm (or at least workman-like efficiency).

Recent Reviews


Marvel Champions: Spiderman

With great power comes great responsibility and with a great hero must come a great hero design… but does it? Let’s take a look at the Spiderman hero from Marvel Champions and see if the designers managed to capture what it would be like to play as everyone's favourite neighbourhood Spiderman.

Back to the Future: Back in Time

Great Scott, that's a long title! The year is 1955 and Marty McFly must work together with his eccentric companion Doc Brown to unite his own parents or risk never being born.

Back to the Future: Back in Time is a new cooperative game from Funko Games and the design team behind Horrified, Prospero Hall.

Marvel Champions: Black Widow

Spy, assassin, hero, Black Widow embodies all these traits and more. Natasha Romanov joins Marvel Champions as a fully fledged Justice hero, bringing with her a new and powerful card type, preparations. But how will the designers utilize her spy persona and reflect it in the game mechanics? Join me for a deep dive into the latest hero pack for Marvel Champions.

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