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In Deadly Doodles, you need to map your way through a dungeon picking up treasure and slaying mon...

Deadly Doodles First Impressions

Ka Pai

Ka Pai is a roll and write from first time designer, Mads Floe. I was lucky enough to catch up wi...

Ka Pai

Breaking down walls

As we commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago, I wanted to talk about walls in table...

Breaking down walls

Recent Reviews


Through five millennia you guide your civilization from the discovery of fire through vastly different eras to its ultimate end. You discover and develop different technologies, flex your military muscle, explore new lands and execute unexpected and sometimes devastating science experiments as your people advance from generation to generation. In Tapestry by Stonemaier Games, you write an alternative history that has echoes of mankind's but turns out completely different.


Here is another beautifully illustrated game by Ryan Laukat. You will immediately recognize it from his other games, such as Near and Far. You will also recognize a lot of the characters he created in his other games and which appear in Roam as well. Yet, this game from Red Raven Games is quite different from the others. There is no resource management, no movement and no storytelling. Instead, you get a lovely, light game that is very easy to explain and learn and relatively quick to play.


In Nightfall: Martial Law you play the leader of an army of vampires, werewolves, hunters and the undead in a free-for-all, take-all-comers, battle-royal that is fought to the last man standing

Nightfall Martial Law

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