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Recent Articles


Genre Police: Coming Up Short

It’s your first game. You’ve decided to run a one-shot. It’s gotta be easier right? No massive storyline to keep track of, just a few hours with your friends. You’ve planned everything in extreme detail. Just a fun adventure that should take three hours with your friends. You ask them to introduce their characters to each other. Wait… are they… are the roleplaying without you? Well, that’s cool, but you really need to get along with the… oh okay, they’ve gone off on a tangent. What do you mean two hours have passed? You’ve barely left the starting city. They’ve got maybe two hours to make it through your carefully prepared twelve room dungeon, or they aren’t going to get to the cool bit! What are you going to do? You’ve completely failed at pacing this!

Video: 3 games that use numbered cards

Ellie shares three simple games, which are each about creating strings of ascending or consecutive numbers using numbered cards.

These are three games with very similar cards, but with a very different game playing experience. Featuring: 6 Nimmt, The Mind and No Thanks.

20 RPGs, 56% off: Tabletop Treehouse BLM Bundle

Hosted by indie tabletop designer Kavita Poduri, Tabletop Treehouse BLM Bundle is a discounted collection of RPGs at Itch.io.

Recent Reviews


Doughnut Dash

"It's time you two pilferers sneak into the factory and steal some tasty doughnuts. I'll be watching you from here and tell you which direction to go. Remember: north, east, south or west. Oh, and if you come across anyone from a rival gang, just grab one of their doughnuts as you bump into them." You're ready to start the Doughnut Dash by The Dark Imp.

Marvel Champions: Thor

Thor is the third hero pack for Marvel Champions and comes as a full playable deck with the Aggression aspect. Thor is a tricky beast to play, especially when used solo due to his lack of threat control, however against a minion swarm he’s incredible. Let’s take a look at his cards and then we’ll get to some final thoughts.

Marvel Champions: Captain America

Captain America, the first Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D’s blue eyed boy scout arrives on the scene with a vibranium shield and a host of allies at his side. Before you bother reading the review, if you want a deck that can do everything very well and beat all the currently released scenarios, this is the pack for you. Let’s take a look at it.

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