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Recent Articles


Free to Download: The Wagadu Chronicles’ Afropunk D&D

Remember the impressive and ambitious The Wagadu Chronicles from near the start of the year?

Developer Twin Drums launched a project to build an afropunk MMO and 5e RPG.

What’s Afropunk? Twin Drums describe their concept for The Wagadu Chronicles as fantasy based in African myth, rather than European.

Alfie reviews… The Magnificent

Tickets? Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the show of a lifetime, and not one you’d want to miss! Come see spectacular feats of grandeur and follow us through the country as we perform death defying stunts for your enjoyment. This is a circus like no other, one that comes to your very table, and the best is yet to come!

Pandemonium Noir: Weird Tales Magazine, where Cthulhu and Conan were born, now has an RPG

Weird Tales Magazine was founded in 1922 and published the early work of H.P. Lovecraft – including Call of Cthulhu in 1924 – and several of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian stories.

Now, with Ravendesk Games (Vurt and Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla RPGs) there’s a Kickstarter to turn James Aquilone’s Dead Jack series into an RPG called Pandemonium Noir.

Recent Reviews



It was the fifth factory you had visited today. You needed three turquoise tiles – exactly – no more, no less. The first factory had had no turquoise tiles, the second four, the third only one and the fourth two. The factory you were in now, was the last one that made these tiles. The factory overseer told you that they had your tiles and exactly three of them. You were so pleased that you found three tiles that were all Azul by Next Move Games.

Heroic Echoic

I slammed down Cowgirl up for auction and opened the bidding with "Klik", which was countered by a "Thwak". I put down "Kerunch", which was countered with "Eeeek!!", which they... no... they couldn't keep up. I won another two Heroic Echoic by Happyclash Games.

Bots Up

With a loud “Bang!” the head flew off, followed by a “leg-splosion” that severed both legs, leaving only the body and the left arm. It wasn’t pretty. Yet, you knew you could turn it all around. There were still plenty of options. You just had to duck and dive and try and swap body parts with another robot to boost your own. You were sure that in the end you would be a Bots Up.

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